Agarwood Chips

Agarwood Chips

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Agarwood chips sinking grade super. Contact : email:


Agarwood beads


Agarwood incense sticks (RM88)


Agarwood oil (RM480/tola)


Agarwood Chips grade A cultivated RM600/kg



Agarwood or Gaharu Baby trees for sale.

Contact us:

Mobile: +60163662998 (Ong)

Location: Melaka, Malaysia

Payment: Cash and carry or Western Union

Agarwood chips “sinking quality” A plus

Estimated market price: USD$4.00 – $5.00 per gram

Agarwood chips “Half-sinking” quality

Estimated market price: USD$2.50 – $3.00 per gram

Below is my friend agarwood chips sinking bigger sizes:

Estimated market price: USD$7.50 – 8.00 per gram

Gecko tokay – Tokek red spot and golden

Who have this tokek lenght 18.4inch for red spot and 13.5inch for golden tokek can contact us whatsapp +60163662998 . We are agent to deal the tokek gecko.

tokek-bintik-merah-gecko tokek-emas-gecko

Agarwood chips grade A – These agarwood chips are suitable to produce perfume. The agarwood products are produce from Aquilaria Subintegra species.

Agarwood chips

Agarwood Chips

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