agarwood chips grade

Agarwood Chips Grade

Agarwood chips can be categories as sinking and non sinking. Sinking chips is more expensive than non sinking chips. However agarwood chips grade for sinking chips can be super AAAA, AAA, half sinking AA, A, B, and C. Thus sinking chips is not certainly grade super or grade A. It is depends on solid, structure and resinous of the chips.

For non-sinking agarwood chips, it can be reach super grade A. In norm people are misunderstanding non-sinking chips will be the most grade A, AB, B, BC, D, and so on. Grading of the chips depends on few factors and always very subjective and at “grey areas” as usual. I have seen one experience buyers categories a chips near grade C or D but another person put grade as near super grade.

Agarwood Chips Grade

Date: Thursday, 22. December 2011 8:49
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