agarwood in Asia countries

Malaysia (Borneo), Indonesia and Burma still have some natural agarwood trees in the forest. However, almost all the agarwood in the forest such as  Thailand, India, Vietnam, and Cambodian’s forest already over-harvested. Majorities of these countries at this moment using commercial planting to continue supply or export agarwood chips to Arab countries, Japan and China. The quality of those agarwood chips still can reach grade A non sinking even though very hard to compete with the natural agarwood quality in terms of tree-age and resin contain.

Every countries agarwood have their unique scent and resin quality. Arabian prefer certain type of  smoke when burning. If they found that type of smoke, they will buy any quantity. For Japanese, they prefer Vietnam agarwood chips.

Natural agarwood trees rapidly diminishing, and after 10 years the world will be depends on the commercial planting agarwood.


Date: Sunday, 18. December 2011 13:26
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